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What the hell is this?

Hi! My name's Tom, and welcome to Guessing Live - a fun way to spend your Sunday evenings on TikTok.

Earlier this week I went to a charity shop and purchased a load of stuff.

That stuff has now been put inside a mystery box, and your job is to try and guess what it is.

If you're the first person to get it right, you keep it. I will post it to your home address, and it will be yours forever.

To help work it out you can ask questions in the TikTok live comments, but I will only answer 'yes' or 'no', so choose carefully.

Official Rules

  1. I have purchased a thing. If you are the first person to correctly guess what the thing is, you will win it
  2. Only formal guesses made through this website will be accepted. Guesses on the TikTok live stream will not count
  3. You may ask questions about the nature of the object on the TikTok live stream. I will only answer questions with 'yes' or 'no'
  4. Formal guessing will take place in rounds, and each round will be announced on the live.
  5. Only your most recent formal guess will count
  6. Once the round has closed, the computer will select three or more formal guesses at random and display them on the big screen
  7. At the end of each round, all remaining formal guesses are deleted, and exponged from the internet
  8. If I decide that for some reason a rule needs to be changed, of a new rule needs inventing, I can do that because it's my game